Thirst Vampires

Diano Franco - Prehistoric Vampire.jpg

Supposedly formed from those who die of thirst in the desert during certain phases of the moon and stars. Thirst Vampires are nearly immortal creatures driven by maddening and insatiable thirst: a desperation that is impossible to sate. They hunt living creatures across the sands, and, upon killing them, hasten to suck all the blood and moisture from their bodies, leaving desiccated husks behind.

Lairs. They are usually solitary. Each has a lair, usually a burrow beneath the sands, filled with the dry bones of kills dragged back to be drunk. They will roam several miles from their lairs in search of prey.

Behaviour. They can sense the presence of moisture – blood or water of any type – at a distance of up to a mile. If they discover a human caravan, they will track it until nightfall, and will proceed to attack the largest source of water available. (This may not always be a living creature.) For this reason, caravans traveling through vampire-territory tend to keep their water supply spread across multiple sources. The thirst of these vampires is never slaked, so they will continue to harass a caravan until it is fully depleted or until the caravan escapes from the vampire’s territory.

HD 6-8; Atk bite d12, 2 claws d6; Def hide (as leather), standard undead immunities; they are immune to normal weapons, but vulnerable to fire and holy magic; Speed x2 human speed; Regeneration – if the vampire successfully drinks from a water source, it regenerates d6 hit points per round until its health is restored or it next takes damage.

If reduced to low health, thirst vampires will usually flee, searching for an easier source of liquid to drink from & to regain their life essence.

If reduced to zero hit points, thirst-vampires remain awake and able to act, though they move at half-human speed and take a -4 penalty to all checks. If they successfully get a drink of water, they will regenerate rapidly. The body of a thirst vampire must be completely destroyed (e.g. by fire or holy magic) to prevent them from returning.

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