Mantis Men?


Obviously a game that lets you play as a Mantis-Man is better than a game that does not. So let’s find an excuse to sandwich Mantis-Men into Black Sands.


Human-sized, bipedal, four-armed. They come from the desert. Some live in enclaves in human cities – dependent, like all other creatures, on the water of the Diviners.

They communicate with each other via clicking noises and subtle pheromone emanations. They are incapable of reproducing human language & vice-versa. Inter-species communications are achieved through a crude sign-language.

mantis-man has the following characteristics:

Armour equivalent to chain, granted by their carapaces. Naturally, human armours don’t fit them, and mantis-plate is produced at a much higher cost.

Four claws. They can use their claws to attack (for d4 damage, equivalent to a dagger). They can wield weapons as usual.

No magic. Whatever otherworldly emanations allow humans to channel magic essence are forbidden to the Mantis-Men. They can’t use magical tablets or learn spells at all.

Wearing the Mantis-Men

Metal is rare and Mantis-Man carapaces are more durable than bone. Consequently, armour made from dead Mantis-Men is a coveted commodity.

Cities with high populations of Mantis-Men will frown on the wearers of such armour, however, and one may find it difficult to make friends among their number so attired.

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